People come to us for a range of reasons. You might be looking for strategies that can be used to problem solve or help you cope with a stressful situation. You might want to determine what services and programs could be most helpful to you, or you might simply want to be listened to with understanding and without judgment.

  • The service takes about 2 hours. The first hour is spent with the Counsellor talking about what is important to you that day.
  • The Counsellor consults with colleagues who have either watched the consultation or who are available to provide another viewpoint to the Counsellor.
  • The Counsellor then provides you with both verbal and written feedback.

The service is confidential with the exception of a child under 16 who is deemed at risk of harm or any person over 16 where there is concern they might hurt themselves or someone else.

Like other walk-in services, there may be times when each Counsellor is with another individual or family, which can lead to wait times. Here are some pointers that might enhance your walk-in counselling experience:

  • You may not be seen right away. Bring a book or something to pass the time. You can request a later appointment once you’ve filled out the intake form.
  • Please leave children at home. We prefer to have a first meeting with just adults so you can speak freely without concern for the impact on the kids.
  • It is helpful to find out ahead of time if you have group insurance or an Employee Assistance Program that may cover counselling costs. Discuss this with your therapist and clarify what qualifications your insurance requires to ensure we can meet your needs.
  • You are welcome to bring someone with you to support you. They may be encouraged to talk to a therapist to give another perspective, find ways to support you and be supported in coping with this difficult issue.
  • In some cases you will need to come back to walk-in and might not get the same therapist. While we know that the therapeutic relationship is an important part of counselling success; there can also be huge benefits in being exposed to different styles or perspectives.
  • Unlike ongoing counselling, we do not go into a lot of background details. Our goal is to help you stay focused on a current concern and specific goal for the session.


Ultimately our goal is to empower you to connect with your strengths and formal and informal supports to transform your life, one hour at a time. You can expect to leave the session with a lot of tools and community resources. Most importantly, you can expect a sense of validation and hope that things can and will get better!

Confidentiality Policy

When you come to this service, what you and the therapist talk about is private and confidential to this agency. The therapist cannot, and will not, freely share any information about you to others outside this agency. This means that only with your written permission could Momentum Counselling release information about you to anyone else. There are exceptions, required by law, where information may be given out without your consent. These include:

  • Cases of suspected or reported child abuse or neglect will be reported to Family and Children’s Services.
  • When a client shares information regarding serious harm to self (suicide) or to someone else (homicide).
  • A subpoena or summons is served by the courts.
  • When a person arrives under the influence of alcohol or drugs and insists on driving, the police will be notified if alternate arrangements are refused.
  •  A medical emergency.

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