Can I really just walk in and expect to receive counselling?

Yes. One of the unique features of our walk-in counselling program is that you can come in during our counselling hours and receive service right then and there. You don’t need to make an appointment, but we do ask you to call ahead and confirm our wait time before making the trip down.

How does walk-in counselling work?

Upon entering the office, we’ll have you fill out some general forms. These forms help our team get a better sense of how to support you during your session. Once the paper work is complete, you’ll move to the counselling room. Your session will be in two parts: • First, you and your counsellor will talk about what you want to change, and generate ideas about how to make that happen. The counsellor will then take a short break to meet with his or her team to generate some ideas that will help you take steps to create that change. • Second, you’ll be welcomed back to the counselling room where you and your counsellor will discuss their suggestions. Overall, the counselling session takes about 90-minutes from start to finish. If you’re on a tight schedule it’s best to let the counsellor know at the beginning of the session.

What kind of counselling does the walk-in counselling program provide?

Our counselling sessions use a solution-focused model that identifies your strengths and helps you focus on what is going well and working best in your life. Our counsellors are empathetic, skilled listeners who are there to help you find ways to change your situation.  Sometimes one session is all a person requires to figure out what they need to get things back on track.

What credentials do the counsellors have? Program provide?

Our volunteer counsellors are trained professionals who have a Masters in Counselling, Psychology, Social Work, or Marriage and Family Therapy. Our walk-in counselling program is proud to be a learning institution for Master level Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Counselling Psychology.

How does the Sliding Service Scale work?

The sliding fee scale determines how much a client is ask to pay for their session. The scale is based on the client’s monthly income and ranges from $10 to $200.  Once you complete the forms the receptionist will check to make sure all the fields are filled out. Your investment will be determined based on your income. Payment for the counselling session will be taken after you meet with your counsellor.

Can I claim my counselling session through my extended health plan or employee assistance plan?

Sessions at Momentum Walk-in Counselling can be claimed through extended health plans and employee assistance plans.  Discuss this with your therapist upon arrival.

What forms of payment does Momentum Counselling accept?

Momentum walk-in counselling accepts cash and debit (sorry, no cheques).

Can I choose my counsellor?

The walk-in counselling program uses a team approach to deliver counselling services. Once you’ve spoken with your counsellor, the two of you have identified the change you hope to make, and the paperwork is completed, the team will meet to discuss which counselor is best suited for your needs. Also, because the program is delivered by volunteers we can’t guarantee that a specific counselor will be available when you visit.

Can I have couples counselling?

The walk-in counselling program does provide counselling services to couples.

What if I would like to donate to the program?

The walk-in counselling program would not run without the support of it’s funders and donors. If you would like to make a donation to the program we would gladly welcome your contribution.  Donations over $20 will receive a tax receipt, and donations can be made on our homepage to “ATB Cares.”


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