Marble game for Establishing Routines for Kids

Have you ever wondered how to stop repeating yourself and nagging your children? Get them to practice routines! When something is done every day it becomes automatic! This is what my marble game looks like, but you can tailor it for your family! Start with a family discussion, and make it fun!  It is easy to forget to say “good job” or “thank you” to our children.  This helps!

Routines: WAKE UP-1 marble -make bed -have breakfast -get dressed -brush teeth/hair

LUNCH-1 marble -try one bite of everything on your plate -say “may I be excused” and “thank you for lunch” -put plate on counter

AFTER SCHOOL-1 marble -put coat and shoes away -empty backpack -empty lunch kit -eat snack

DINNER-1 marble -try one bite of everything on your plate -say “may I be excused” and “thank you for dinner” -put plate on the counter

BED TIME-1 marble -snack -bath -pajamas -brush teeth -read

Extra marbles awarded for kind acts or practicing piano, dance, reading a book.

*try not to reward activities that they already enjoy doing

TAKE AWAY 1 marble: Saying bad words like: poop, fart, bum Doing things like: kicking, hitting, complaining about dinner, not saying excuse me when you burp, sticking out tongue

EARN WITH MARBLES: -ipad 10 minutes 2 marbles -playdate 5 marbles -birthday party 10 marbles

“It’s pretty fun playing the marble game!  It is a good way for me to keep track of my bad talk!” -Emma, 5 yrs old


Healthy Living with Bipolar 2019 Group Dates!

Develop tools for how to maintain a daily
routine regardless of emotional state.
Focus on effective coping strategies for stability
and experience connection as a group.

The goal is to develop personal strategies that will help to reduce the intensity and frequency of symptoms.
(Includes handouts, discussion, and professional support)

Where: Centre 104 Building, Suite 706,5241 Calgary Trail
When: Monday Afternoons (see poster for specific dates)
Time 3:30-5:30pm
Facilitator: Samanth Pekh, Registered Psychologist
Cost: Free (Thanks to funding from the Wellness Network)
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Our LGBTQ2S+ Group will start up
Tuesday January 15, 2019 at 5:30pm!

Each session, a new topic related to a theme that interests the attending participant will be discussed.

Queer Space YEG is a safe(r) therapeutic space for LBGTQ2S+* Individuals and Allies.
These support and education groups are free of charge as they are funded by the Wellness Network. <3
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Repost @thatendogoddess —
@thatendogoddess elegantly spells out how our innermost struggles aren’t always obvious to the outside world. Thank you so much for continuing to fight the stigma surrounding mental health and for reminding us all that, despite outward appearances, everyone may be coping with their own mental health struggles.
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