We know that you may be feeling anxious about the events in our city and the world, uncertain about your health, finances and family, among many other concerns, and want you to know that we are still here for you.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ALL counselling sessions at Momentum Walk-in Counselling will be provided using an online or telephone platform. All groups have been temporarily cancelled.

Please keep an eye on our website to confirm when our groups will resume.

We are doing this as a preventative measure to work toward keeping the most vulnerable people safe.

To have an online counselling session, you need an internet connection and a room to yourself. Please call our office at 780-757-0900 or email to request an appointment, and we will give you further instructions on the process.

This group focuses on teaching skills and techniques that participants can utilize to begin making positive changes in their lives.

Participants can expect an integrative therapeutic approach, borrowing techniques from CBT and positive psychology,

to help understand and change how they experience Anxiety and Depression.

If you are ready to begin to take action and make changes in your life, this group is intended for you.

Each week, a new topic will be introduced that builds off of the previous weeks.

The objectives of each session are to provide information and insight into the techniques and skill introduced; including, building awareness, coping/self-care and maintaining changes.

Overall, the goal of the group is to empower you to develop an informed action plan and begin to change your relationship with Anxiety and Depression.


Session 1: Jan 15Introduction to group; learning about and recognizing anxiety and depression; facets of CBT to address symptomology.

Session 2: Jan 22Coping skills, understanding thoughts and emotions, introducing mindfulness in form and practice

Session 3: Jan 29Reflecting on difficult situation, coping skills, addressing automatic thoughts and cognitive distortions

Session 4: Feb 5Coping skills, understanding behavioral activation, CBT strategies to address distressing emotions.

Session 5: Feb 12Review of mindfulness and behavioral activation; recognizing our values and what gives our lives fulfillment; finding joy in hard times.

Session 6: Feb 19Understand how facing fears can reduce anxiety and depression; define and understand exposure; learn how to create a fear hierarchy

Session 7: Feb 26Continue practicing building hierarchies; learn how to get the most benefit out of exposure practice; identify skills, strategies, and behaviors for increasing resilience; group closure. 

*Please arrive early for this drop-in group. Unfortunately, one we’ve reached capacity, we can no longer take more participants* 


These groups continue to be no-cost thanks to the funding provided by the Wellness Network 





Attend as many meetings as needed 


Facilitators: Kimberly Masliuk-Giddings, MSW RSW and supported by a Student Intern

Location: Centre 104 Building

Suite 706, 5241 Calgary Trail NW

Phone: (780) 757-0900




Momentum Walk-In Counselling
#706, 5241 Calgary Trail NW
Edmonton, Alberta
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Phone: 780-757-0900

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